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Intersections of
Strategy Processes
and Strategy Practices

In a fast changing global economy there is an increasing need to understand how strategic decisions are made, how strategy emerges in an organization in practice, who gets involved in strategy processes and how strategy changes over time. It is more and more important to bring together varying perspectives of strategy processes and strategy practices to advance the practice of strategy. The emerging interest in the practice perspective to strategic management during the past decade makes it particularly interesting for us to reflect on the intersections between the process and practice perspectives of strategic management. By doing this our further aim is to link these two research streams to the recent developments in the fields of managerial and organization cognition, organizational and management innovations, and dynamic capabilities and strategic agility.

The Strategic Management Society brings together scholars, executives, and innovation policymakers in advancing the state of the art research and practice in a unique mini-conference organized for the first time in Finland.

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