G. Tomas M. Hult
Michigan State University

Dr. Tomas Hult is a global thought leader in international business, marketing strategy, and supply chain management. He regularly speaks at global events (e.g., United Nations, World Investment Forum, European Commission) and publishes influential op-ed articles (e.g., The Hill, Time, Fortune, World Economic Forum). Dr. Hult has been featured on "Talks at Google" and his International Business textbook is #1 worldwide in market share. He is a member of the Expert Network of the World Economic Forum as well as United Nations / UNCTAD's Network of the World Investment Forum. Per Google Scholar, Dr. Hult is among the top-cited academicians in international business, marketing strategy, international marketing, and supply chain management. His latest trade book is "The Reign of the Customer: Customer-Centric Approaches to Improving Satisfaction," released by Palgrave MacMillan on January 8, 2020.