Shige Makino
Kyoto University

Shige Makino is Professor of Management and Chairman of the Department of Management at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is an Academy of International Business (AIB) Fellow and has served as a Vice President of AIB (2010-12) and a Program Chair for the AIB conference in Nagoya in 2011. He is also a past president of the Association of Japanese Business Studies. Shige has a remarkable publication record, is widely cited, and was ranked by the International Journal of Business as one of the 20 most prolific academics in international strategic management research. He has won numerous awards for both research and teaching, including the Haynes Prize for the Most Promising Scholar from the AIB in 2002, and focuses on studying foreign firms and their subsidiaries in overseas markets, particularly their performance, mode of market entry, entry timing and the structure of their joint ventures.