Friday Evening Event - Friday, March 19, 2010

On Friday, March 19, 2010, please join us for a Finnish Evening!

Taivaanvalkeat (lights or fire of the sky)

We will travel by bus to the unique Taivaanvalkeat, located just 8 km from Levi to Köngäs village on the river banks of Ounasjoki river.  Taivaanvalkeat and its quiet country surroundings is the perfect place to marvel at the nature and stillness of  Lapland this time of year.

Snow Bar

We will kick off the evening at the Snow Bar (that's right, a bar made of snow and ice!). Be sure to dress warm as we will enjoy a drink outdoors by open fires surrounded by snowdrifts.

Dinner at Tonttula (Elve's Cottage)

The evening will conclude with a dinner located in a special cottage. The timber walls and open fire place create a comfortable atmosphere.

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Strategic Management Society