Governing Knowledge and Imagination in the Digital Era

Today, we experience the dawning of an innovation renaissance determining new relations between humans and machines. Large platforms, ‘Big Data,’ Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning enabled by cloud computing are impacting our society and helping managers, entrepreneurs, and consultants address complex problems and capture new opportunities. Benefits are considerable, as are challenges, ethical responsibilities, and managerial implications. Thus, the emergence of new business models, organizational forms, and competitive landscapes has attracted increasing attention. And yet, the impact of modern information technologies on how managers and entrepreneurs actually assemble, govern, and marshal knowledge to spur imagination is one of the least understood dimensions of these modern technological breakthroughs. The conference aimed at developing a deeper understanding, from academics and practitioners alike, of how firm leadership and governance should evolve to keep pace with modern information technologies and shape it to the benefit of society.

The SMS Special Conference in Milan was designed with the goal of stimulating close and fruitful collaboration between an equal number of practitioners and academics in understanding and solving burning issues raised by the progress of the Digital Era. Multiple interactive formats engendered innovative insights and solution-oriented proposals on problems and opportunities advanced by participants.


FEBRUARY 10, 2022
Submission Deadline for Labs, IMRs, and Parallel Presentation Proposals
FEBRUARY 14, 2022
Co-Author Confirmation Deadline
Notification of Program Review Committee Decisions
MARCH 31, 2022
Author Registration Deadline
JUNE 15-17, 2022
SMS Special Conference in Milan

Call for Proposals

Thank You for Joining us in Milan!

On behalf of the Conference Program Chairs and SMS, thank you to everyone that attended the conference. Your participation helped to create a memorable event, and we hope you found the conference relevant to your interests and goals.

We would also like to thank SDA Bocconi for hosting us on their beautiful campus and supporting this SMS Special Conference!

Following the conference, we have prepared a few follow-up pieces from the conference program. Click below to access a message from the Conference Program Chairs and summaries from the roundtables and labs. 

We were pleased to host the 2022 SMS Special Conference in Milan at SDA Bocconi School of Management!

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