Session 31

Perspectives to Value Creation, Strategic Advantage and Corporate Decline

Track C

Date: Friday, March 19, 2010


Time: 10:15 – 11:45


Room: Kokoustila 3

Session Chair:

Title: Blue Ocean Strategies of SMEs in a Time of Strong Economic Recession


  • Andrejs Cirjevskis, Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration
  • Larisa Kubilute, RSEBA
  • Vitalijs Medvedevs, RSEBA

Abstract: One of the aims of this research is confirm the hypothesis that value innovation can serve as a possible driver of company growth as well as innovative businesses and new industrial technologies can be a factor of regional economics stability in a recession time. The objects of this international research are two real business entities SME from two different countries operating in two different fields, those companies working in alternative sources of energy industry (Latvia) and in security printing industry (Lithuania) The authors also critically assess Blue Ocean Strategy and Delta Model and practically apply its. The future research should be based on the current research findings and be mainly dedicated to the change management in time of economic recession.

Title: Where Do Advantages Come From? An Integrated Concept of Resource-based View and Network Perspective


  • Fang-Yi Lo, Feng Chia University

Abstract: This paper integrated the resource-based view and the network perspective to clarify different sources of advantages for a hospital and to answer where do the advantages come from. This research unpacked two different sources of resource advantages, hospital-source and network-source advantages. We not only examined the effects of hospital-source advantage and network-source advantage on hospital performance but also explore whether the network members with network centrality acquire more network-source advantages. The empirical results demonstrated that the hospital-source advantages and centrality independently affect performance but the network-source advantages do not affect performance. Moreover, the moderating effect of centrality on the relationship between hospital-source advantages and performance and the relationship between network-source advantages and performance were also observed. Besides, hospital-source advantages facilitate hospitals to increase its centrality, suggesting that hospitals should occupy the central positions to benefit from the network and to increase the performance.

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