Session 40

Networks and Alliances for Competitive Advantage

Track E

Date: Friday, March 19, 2010


Time: 10:15 – 11:45


Room: Kokoustila 5

Session Chair:

Title: Competitive Strategy as a Driver of Alliance Network Structure


  • Goce Andrevski, Queen's University
  • Giuseppe Labianca, University of Kentucky
  • Walter Ferrier, University of Kentucky

Abstract: We investigate the effects of firms’ competitive strategies on their future alliance networks. We find that firms exhibiting advantage-creating strategic tendencies (i.e., highly proactive and innovative firms) tend to form sparse network structures with numerous nonequity alliances (weak ties). By contrast, firms exhibiting strong advantage-enhancing strategic tendencies (i.e., tendencies to intensively protect and enhance their existing market advantages) are embedded in dense networks emphasizing equity alliances (strong ties). Firms that pursue strategic entrepreneurship -- both high advantage-creating and high advantage-enhancing tendencies -- have high levels of network churn, frequently creating and closing structural holes in their alliance portfolios.

Title: Ensuring Dynamic Strategic Fit of Firms in Alliances and Networks in a Globalized Context


  • T Diana de Macedo-Soares, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Abstract: In order to sustain their competitive advantage in the current globalized context of exponential changes, firms are increasingly operating in international and global alliances and networks, obliging them to adopt new managerial paradigms and tools. However, their strategic analyses rarely take into account the strategic implications of these alliances and networks or that of globalization, admittedly because of a lack of adequate tools to do so. This paper contributes to research that seeks to fill this gap by proposing the Global Strategic Network Analysis – SNA – framework. The latter indeed intends to help firms in global alliances and networks to carry out their strategic assessments and decision-making with a view to ensuring dynamic strategic fit from both a global and a relational perspective.

Title: Intellectual Capital Resource Transformation and Inertia in Inter-firm Partnership


  • Shu-Yuan Chung, Gold-Joint Industry Co Ltd
  • Tzu-Ju Ann Peng, National Chengchi University
  • Goran Roos, Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • Stephen Pike, Intellectual Capital Services

Abstract: Although scholars and practitioners in strategic management recognized the importance of resources acquired from alliance partners, prior studies have been paid little attention to examining how firms individually contribute their resources and how the inertia hinders cooperative performance. By linking the strategy practice and intellectual capital perspective, this study aims at understanding how resource transformation and inertia have their effects on cooperative performance. Conducting by in-depth case study, we investigated six inter-firm cases of a Taiwanese company and its partners at the dyad-level analysis. We adopted IC approaches to understand more completely about the intellectual capital management in practice. By revealing the process of resource transformation and examining the inertia, this study provides the valuable references for practitioners on strategizing the inter-firm collaborative strategy.

Title: The (Still Missing) Relational View of Strategy


  • Filipe J. Sousa, University of Madeira

Abstract: This proposal is an incipient attempt at the consolidation of what Axelsson (1992) calls the ‘missing’ perspective in the Strategic Management field. By building upon the basic and realistic premise of a ‘co-opetitive’ business world wherein competition and cooperation coexist alongside (even within the same interfirm relationship), such a perspective ought to advocate the view of strategy as a pattern of converging decisions and actions of the firm with a twofold purpose: (i) the (mostly passive and/or reactive) fit to a slowly changing, largely faceless and intractable environment and (ii) the (primarily proactive) interrelation with and shaping of a full-face, rapidly changing context.

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